Welcome to Tech Scout

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I hear that this is what the kids are up to now-a-days so I had to start one myself. I am an Information Media Consultant for an intermediate school district in Waterford, Michigan. Pretty much anyone with a library degree is using technology quite a lot. I do on the job and at home.

At work I’m on the computer a lot searching databases and websites for information. I also facilitate a handheld users group for employees. We just celebrated our second anniversary. I, occasionally, facilitate the handheld users group for media specialists and other interested school employees after school hours.

I am a Mac user at work and at home. At home I have a 14″ iBook, a 20g iPod, a 1g iPod Shuffle and wifi.

While scanning websites I often come across great bits of information on technology that I find very interesting. I want to share that information and my own experiences with technology in this blog.

Thank you again for checking in!

PS – I will soon be presenting workshops with another team member on the subjects of blogs, wikis and RSS (probably podcasts too). So, I plan to use my experiences with this blog in future presentations.


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