Handheld Applications for Free

I facilitate a handheld users group for employees at my place of work. We just celebrated our second anniversary. It’s a great group of people who are interested in hearing about handheld applications. We had a meeting this morning with 11 participants. I demonstrated 3 handheld applications that I’ve recently discovered. I thought I would share those applications for those of you who are handheld enthusiasts.

The first application I shared is the SixinOne Dictionary. This is a free multilingual dictionary that contains over 6000 words in six languages. It is free so there is no pronunciation of words indicated (like the Noah Lite free dictionary – great resource but no word pronunciation). I can see this as being a very useful application for foreign language teachers and students who need the spelling of a word, etc. You can download this program from freewarepalm.com

The next application is MyPyramid FoodGuide from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. You enter your age, gender and how much you exercise and you get a recommended calorie list of food groups. It has some nice features.

The third application is a database created for teachers and school administrators. It is called PDAC Classroom URL and it is a storage tool for websites. You can enter the name of the website, URL, category, user name, password, notes, and indicate if there is any fee involved. This product is also available from freewarepalm.com


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