Roomba, Time Tags and Wolfgang Puck… What do they have in common?

What do Roomba, Time Tags and Wolfgang Puck have in common? Nothing except that two are gadgets and one is a famous chef. But wait, there’s more! Even Chef Puck has gotten in on the technology craze. But let me start with Roomba. I would love to have this small vacuum cleaner robot. However, the way my dog, Fritz, treats the vacuum that I occasionally push around my house I would fear for the life of the Roomba. I think I would come home to find only Fritz or Roomba still standing. But, it still sounds like a great gadget to me.

I came across Time Tags while perusing a technology site.Time Tags are small, wearable clocks. You can tag your collar, sleeve, etc. They don’t do anything but indicate the time but, isn’t that enough?

Now to Wolfgang Puck. You can buy Wolfgang Puck auto-heating espresso at, I assume, specialty food stores. I have not come across this item, nor have I actually looked for it, but I will check Whole Foods or some similar store in the future out of curiosity. A combination of calcium oxide powder and water heats the can of espresso to 145 degrees in six minutes. I had to mention this item because I find it interesting that science and technology were brought together to bring us a hot cup of Joe!


1 Response to “Roomba, Time Tags and Wolfgang Puck… What do they have in common?”

  1. 1 LisaHCK September 22, 2005 at 11:50 pm

    Roomba would drive the dog crazy!

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