Personal data on hard drives and memory cards and more…

The BBC reports that people are selling hard drives and memory cards on eBay without removing personal data. A forensics firm purchased 100 hard drives and 50 memory cards and found letters, resumes, spreadsheets, email addresses, logins and passwords. Experts found that some people had not even made cursory attempts to remove personal data.

In other news, my iBook died last Wednesday. I guess it’s my turn because in the last few months both my sister and my niece have had to have their PC laptops repaired. Anyway, at first, I could not get the iBook to turn on and that’s always a bad sign. After trying for a long time I got it to start up but then the screen started acting funny. Lines waved through the blue wallpaper and then it went dark blue so that I could not read anything on the desktop. I called Applecare and, with Kyle’s help, got the computer up and running again. However, a few hours later it, once again, would not start up.

I called Applecare for the second time that day and I was told that they would send a box to me so that I could send the iBook in for repair. The box did not arrive the next day so I called AGAIN and I was told that, at that point, I would not get it until Monday. This is all just delaying the sending in and repair of my computer. So, I’m hoping that today, when I go home for lunch, there will be a box at my door so that I can get the show on the road!


1 Response to “Personal data on hard drives and memory cards and more…”

  1. 1 LisaHCK September 12, 2005 at 5:42 pm

    Maybe we’re just unlucky with laptops. You should ask your readers how their laptops hold up.

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