Old rivals collaborate, the butler didn’t do it and the next generation of DVDs

The Washington Post announced that former rivals Palm, Inc. and Microsoft have introduced a new wireless phone (TREO?) that uses Microsoft software and has a high-speed Internet connection. The phone, which will not be available until next year, should attract more business users who use their phones outside of the office.

If you know any Ask Jeeves users you will have to break some news to them: the butler is out of here! USA Today reports that the new owners of Ask Jeeves just don’t feel that the butler conveys the image they wish to project. The name may also change to Ask or Ask.com.

Today, Microsoft Corp. and Intel Corp. announced that they are backing HD DVD as the next generation of DVD. Sony Corp. backs the Blu-ray format of DVD. Both formats offer crisper pictures and both formats are heading to market yet they are, unfortunately, incompatible. Since neither side is conceding, get ready for another VHS/Betamax war!

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