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iTunes U, fonts and gadgets

There is some chitter chatter on gadget sites that Apple may be announcing a red iPod in the near future. Some profits from the red iPods may go towards finding a cure for HIV. Wait and see but the Apple rumors often come true.

Some college and university faculty are now using iTunes U to post podcasts of lectures and lessons. iTunes U is iTunes for higher education. For example,
the University of Michigan School of Dentistry posts faculty podcasts on their own iTunes U website. When a school creates their iTunes U they may add school colors, logos, etc., to personalize the site.

If, unlike me, you have nice handwriting you may want to pay $9.00 to get your very own personalized computer font. Fontifier lets you do just that. You create your own font in your own handwriting. I haven’t tried it because, again, my handwriting is not pretty but this idea is intriguing. Check out the Fontifier website to see some examples.

I saw this item on the web and thought that its simplicity and usefulness both required high marks: the Yodobashi bottle cap tripod! You can make a bottle (check the size – it probably won’t work on all bottles) into a digital camera tripod. The price may be a bit steep but it may be worth it to you if you do not wish to lug around a regular tripod.


iPod Mania and the Palm TX

Are you craving an iPod? Do you have scads of CDs? You may be able to make a deal with the Millenium Music store. The store is located in Charleston and they trade iPods for CDs. Go to their website for details.

I love the newest iPod. The video feature is so nice. I must have one and I probably will sooner or later. My sister tells me that I “want every iPod available” and, yes, I resemble that remark. I have the 20G hooked up to my stereo so that I can play music through my speakers. I have the 1G Shuffle to use when walking. But, I don’t have the iPod with the video feature so that will probably be my next technology purchase.

I started using the Palm TX a couple of months ago and it’s time for a review. So far, I really like it. I like the virtual graffiti screen (you can make it appear and disappear in a snap), the memory, the speed, the size and the color. I haven’t used the landscape screen feature much but I can see its worth for ebooks, etc. I wish the screen was a bit brighter but it’s still good. The wifi is nice and handy. All in all, the TX is a very nice handheld.

My book is now available!

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