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Wifi-Less in Waterford, CollectiveX and News Sites

I have to take my Mac into the shop this weekend. My wifi quit working. When this has happened in the past I just restarted the Airport Express router and turned the cable modem off and on and it was up and running. No, this time it’s being stubborn. I called Apple twice to no avail. Applecare has always been very helpful and I always get my problems solved over the phone.

This time it appears to be a router or configuration problem because I can plug the modem cable directly into the computer and I get an Internet connection. So, I’m going to have to talk to someone in person and have that person take a look at my iBook. Hopefully, I will be wifi again this weekend!

A couple interesting things I’ve found in my online travels are a new social networking website and a study on people and how they now get most of their news off the Internet.

There is a new social networking site I just found out about called CollectiveX. It is a place where organized groups – professional, boards, reunion committees, families, etc. – can go to learn about one another, share calendars and communicate. I think it sounds very interesting and is a good example of true social networking.

USAToday online recently had an article about newspaper sales and how they are dipping while their websites are getting more hits. The article also indicated that this is not true across the board with all newspapers. Some have higher circulation rates compared to a year ago. However, there is a trend with many newspapers that circulation is dropping but they are getting a much higher percentage of hits to their news websites. Also, notice that I found the article on the USAToday website.


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