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A Pew Report, iPods, Reading and Books!

A new Pew Report is available for download: Home Broadband Adoption. The report contains a lot of interesting data including this statistic: “At the end of March 2006, 42% of Americans had high-speed at home, up from 30% in March 2005, or a 40% increase.”

If you cannot get enough information on iPods then the Free iPod Book 2.0, now available for download from iLounge, is for you. The book contains 194 pages of iPod accessories and, of course, information on iTunes and iPods. Two versions are available for download: printable and widescreen.

Now for some news that will be of interest to those who love books and reading…

Janine Vaughn, Media Specialist at Holly High School, brought this great story from Connect for Kids to my attention… the owner of a five-year old Golden Retriever takes her dog to a group home for boys in Newport County, Rhode Island, as part of the Potter League for Animals, so that reluctant readers can read to the dog! Other dog-human teams go to this group home and one other in the area. The boys take turns reading to the dogs and improve their literacy skills because they are not intimidated, less anxious and have fun. The article also includes links to other literacy programs involving dogs.

The Boston Globe has an article on one of the great bookstores:
Powell’s Books, in Portland, Oregon, and how it will stay in the family now that Michael Powell, is retiring. He is handing over the reigns to the bookstore to daughter Emily Powell.

Powell’s Books is a famous landmark in Portland and one of the largest independent bookstores in the country with 4.5 million new, used and out-of-print titles.


My book is now available!

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