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New Mac!

I started having trouble with my iBook last week. The problem could be the logicboard. The cost of replacing it would just about be what the iBook is now worth. So, of course, I talked myself into buying a new Mac. I chose the MacBook which is the laptop replacing the iBook. I got the one with the Superdrive (to burn cds and dvds). I also chose white because Apple wants $200 more for the black model.

Apple, as usual, had a sweet deal. I got a free printer and a free iPod Nano. The printer is great. It has a copier and a scanner. I paid for the printer and I’m now waiting for my rebate check.

The signs at Apple indicate that college students who buy a new Mac get a free Nano. The saleschild (they are all very young) said that the deal is also for educators. So, I got a Nano. The 2GB Nano (500 songs) because the rebate is for $179 and the 2GB Nano is $199 but $20 is knocked off because of the educator discount. I will also get that money back in a rebate check.

I also purchased Applecare to extend my warranty to three years. Some money is also knocked off Applecare because of the educator discount.

The MacBook comes with a glossy screen instead of the old matte screen. The screen is shorter than the iBook screen and that makes for a very nice, compact laptop. The screen is 13.3” wide. I am, yet again, a very happy Mac customer.


The Blogosphere and the Podcasting Legal Guide

David Sifry has an interesting “Report on the Blogosphere” in Sifry’s Musings. The blogosphere is “doubling in size every 6 months or so.” Of course, there is a percentage of new blogs that are abandoned shortly after they are created but, in general, they are still growing in leaps and bounds!

Creative Commons is a great site for royalty-free music that can be downloaded and added to your Podcasts.

Creative Commons has now made available, online or in .pdf, a Podcasting Legal Guide. Before creating your own Podcasts you can look up legal issues and potential problems or non-problems. The Guide covers general questions pertaining to U.S. law but should not be considered legal advice.

Portable Player for iPod Shuffle, Women like Tech!

I found a great deal, last weekend, at my favorite French store Target.’ It is the iHomeAudio Portable Travel Alarm Clock for iPod Shuffle
and it was on the clearance rack for $29.95. It plays your music or Podcasts through the speakers and charges the iPod at the same time. You can play it with the adaptor or use batteries. It works great and I’m very happy with my “bargain.”

Please take a look at the article: “Study: Women like tech toys more than shoes.” The results are from an Oxygen Network survey and I think you will find the data interesting and surprising.

My book is now available!

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