iTunes Celebrity Playlists

If you use iTunes, the free Apple download that allows you to purchase music legally and easily, you already know that it is a great resource. I love iTunes for many reasons. I already mentioned that it lets you legally download music because you pay for the songs and that it is easy to use but there are many other reasons: I can create playlists- jazz, dinner music, Christmas music, lounge music, Rosemary Clooney, whatever I want from my iTunes downloads or from my own CDs; I can move the songs from my playlists to my iPod or burn them on CDs to play in my car; I can download TV shows (The Office! Yeah!); and I can search for a song I just heard on the radio and own it immediately. However, there is a gem on iTunes that I check every few months for entertainment value and to peruse songs that I may want to purchase.

This gem is called Celebrity Playlists. I know that may sound innocuous or trivial but it’s a fun and a good resource for finding songs. I only check a celebrity’s list – actors, singers, atheletes – if I’ve heard of them or if I’m a fan. That may sound weird but I don’t know a lot of the singers and atheletes so I’m not that interested in their lists. I always find it interesting to read the playlist of a celebrity from my age group. I like it when they mention an “old” song from my younger days. I actually downloaded China Cat Sunflower by the Grateful Dead after reading Al Franken’s playlist.

If you check out the Playlists you will see that each celebrity writes a one-liner on why they have that song on their iPod. Sometimes that is the entertaining part!


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