My Academy Awards Experience

I watch the Academy Awards show every year. I have not seen all of the films nominated for top categories but I still like to watch. I did see The Queen and it was excellent. I also saw Little Miss Sunshine and loved it. Every time they show clips of shorts and animated shorts I wish that I had seen them all. Alan Arkin just won for best supporting actor and he was great in Little Miss Sunshine. I’m hoping that Helen Mirren wins. She is always great in her movies and Prime Suspect episodes.

My fifteen minute claim to fame is that I won the Oscar Contest from the local newspaper in 1995 (the year of Forrest Gump and Four Weddings and a Funeral) and I won a trip to Hollywood. I got to take a friend and we stayed at a hotel on the Sunset Strip. It was a week-long trip and we did all of the fun touristy things. We also went to see Richard Pryor at the Comedy Store and Whoopi Goldberg was in the audience. Ever since then I refer to Whoopi as “my close personal friend” since she sat five feet away from me. While leaving Trader Vic’s we saw Ernie Borgnine and Suzanne Pleshette (not together but they briefly chatted with one another). We also took the Hollywood homes tour and we saw Peter Falk in his driveway. He would not turn around because he, rightly so, does not like the tourist-filled vans parking across the street from his house. I felt like a stalker.


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