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Complete my Album

For a limited time iTunes is offering a service wherein you can purchase the rest of an album if you have purchased songs from that album in the last six months. And you can purchase the rest of the album for a reduced price. Sixty-two pages of eligible albums are listed.


Computers in Libraries article now online

My friend Anne from the Capital Area District Library just gave me a heads-up that my CIL article is now available in the Thomson Gale General Reference Center Gold database:

“Media specialists can learn Web 2.0 tools to make schools more cool: using Web 2.0 tools can make work more fun for adults and learning more interesting for students.” (Cover story).” Computers in Libraries 27.2 (Feb 2007): 6(5). General Reference Center Gold. Thomson Gale. 26 Mar. 2007.

The end of LIFE (Magazine)

Today I read about an old and distinguished print publication shutting down. Reuters announced that Time, Inc. will stop publishing LIFE Magazine although it will have a presence on the web. Our print media is changing drastically and magazines and newspapers are being hit hard. Interesting times we live in!


The New York Times article on multitasking: “Slow Down, Multitasker, and don’t Read in Traffic” is yet another reminder that we often do too much at one time and depend on technology to do many of those things. I know that I now often “listen” to tv because I’m working on my computer or handheld or reading while a tv show is on.  I even have to turn on a sound machine to go to sleep and my favorite sound is “white noise.” That’s just weird!

Rhino-Skin MacBook HardCase Giveaway

I’m giving away the white Rhino-Skin MacBook Hardcase that I reviewed a while back. To be entered to win the HardCase just submit a comment on any post between now (3.18.06) and April 1, 2007. The contest will end at 8:00 pm Eastern time on April 1. The case is valued at $59.95 and is made for the 13″ MacBook.


Put the word “GIVEAWAY” at the beginning of your comment (I will remove the word before posting the comment).

I will pay the postage to send the case parcel post to any location in the United States.

If you win from outside the United States you will have to pay for Global Priority Mail.

Contest begins on March 18, 2007.

Contest ends at 8:00 pm Eastern time on April 1, 2007.

Apple TV

Apple TV is now available for $299. It works with Macs and PCs. Download tv shows and movies from iTunes and watch them through your own tv. If you are one of the first to buy one please let us know how it works and how you like it.

K-12 School Media Center Book Selection Policies

I’m curious to know about the criteria for choosing books for media centers in K-12 schools. There is a thread in the MAME listserv about a book which started a discussion about selection policies. Do you use 2-3 good book reviews as part of your criteria? Do you try to read every book that you order? I would like to know about your selection criteria so please feel free to comment on this post.

My book is now available!

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