Travel surge protector

I recently attended a weekend conference of the Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME). While listening to the invited speaker I sat with two media specialists/friends and we all worked on our laptop computers. The annoying thing is that we had to take turns plugging our computer cords into the two wall outlets. We worked it out but it made me wish I had a small surge protector to take with me to conferences for those occasions when I would be in one room all day. I started checking the big box stores for such an item and lo and behold I found one – the “Outlet to Go 4″ by Monster Power ($19.00). The first store, which is closing several locations, had the travel surge protector and at a discount. Then I remembered that I had a gift card for another big box store so I drove over to one near my home. I asked a salesperson about this item and I was directed to a section of expensive, laptop surge protectors that were huge and bulky. Then I decided to walk around the store to look for myself. I found the same Monster Power travel surge protector on an end cap in the back of the store facing the back of the store! I bought it and I now have a nice, small, four-outlet surge protector to take to conferences and meetings. The cord is only about 11” long but the product is so nice and compact that it is kept in my messenger bag at all times. I do have to say that my experience in the second store made me think that that is one reason these stores often close. The lack of knowledge and help was disappointing.


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