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Can I get a Woot Woot!

Check out Woot right now! They are currently having the elusive and very fun Woot Off!


“100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know”

The editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries have compiled a list of the 100 words every high school graduate should know. The editors suggest that if you are able to use these words correctly you are likely to have a “superior command of the language.”

Car Talk on iTunes

My favorite NPR show Car Talk is available on iTunes. They podcasts are free. If you listen to CT you know it’s funny and interesting. If you haven’t heard it before you should give it a try by downloading some of the CT podcasts from iTunes. When Ray and Tommy (the brothers who host Car Talk) had their Mom call in for Mother’s Day it was soooo funny! I then knew where they got their great senses of humor!

Washington D.C. and ALA

The American Libraries Association conference is coming up fast. I love Washington D.C. even though it will be hot as H-E-double hockey sticks in June! I haven’t had a chance to look thoroughly at the sessions but I know I will attend sessions on technology and K-12 related-topics. The speakers look interesting this year. I want to hear Garrison Keillor’s ending keynote, maybe Ken Burns and Elizabeth Edwards. I heard Elizabeth Edwards speak when she was campaigning for her husband and she is very good. Julie Andrews could be a hoot! She appears to be very proper but I’ll bet that she has a great sense of humor. I have been looking forward to seeing The Hollywood Librarian ever since I first heard about it. It will, as usual, be an exciting, whirlwind, exhausting time at the conference… and I can’t wait!

eBay 20¢ insertion fees!

On May 24 eBay is offering 20¢ insertion fees for all items listed for auction. This is a very nice deal because no matter what the starting or reserve price of the item it will only cost you 20¢! This is the time to list.

That was the week that was!

To borrow the title of an early 1960s tv show… that was the week that was! This past week I learned a couple of new things in browsing the web. I learned about “Generation Jones.” This is the generation of my ilk – those born between the mid-50s through the mid -60s. To learn more about this generation and why we needed our own name go to wikipedia.

I also learned that Google is offering a Universal Search feature. With this feature you will get more in your Web results including images, news and videos. It sounds pretty nice. Read more about it on the Google Blog.

Fritz went to the groomer on Saturday and these beauty appointments always wear him out! He was exhausted all Saturday evening and had to partake of some major rest. It was a good week and now I’m gearing up for Monday. Tomorrow is staff meeting day and I’m giving a presentation on wikis to another team in the building. Have a good week!

I will be blogging at ALA

I do plan to blog from the ALA conference in Washington D.C. this June. This conference is always a whirlwind of sessions, exhibits, vendor events and waiting for the shuttle bus but I hope to make time to post some of my adventures. I am really looking forward to this conference because it is so BIG and quite exciting. I hope to see many of the keynote and auditorium speakers but I had high hopes two years ago of seeing David Sedaris speak and that didn’t happen! When I got to the conference center they had closed the auditorium doors and didn’t even pipe his speech out to the lobby. I am still trying to decide on what sessions to go to. I really like visiting Washington D.C. because it is historical and bustling. Even the hotel I’m staying in – The Washington Plaza – is described as a “1960s hotel” where the Kennedys used to hang out. Of course the exhibits are always very interesting just by their shear size. I always learn a lot in the exhibit area and you just can’t have too many tote bags, pens and notepads!

My book is now available!

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