Trends I’ve noticed in blogs

Once something becomes hot or controversial or popular it gets mentioned a lot on the Web.  I’ve seen some sites/resources lately that have really caught on. One is Second Life. When I first heard about SL I have to admit that my initial thought was “Why do I want a virtual life?” and my second thought was “When will SL start to have crime?” Well, it’s happened. I’m not dissing SL because I know there is a lot of good there. I like the idea of SL folks meeting for classes – educational and cultural and for other good reasons but I have seen a couple of newspaper articles lately about crime in SL. I guess it had to happen.

I’ve also seen a lot about Twitter. I’m not Twittering yet – don’t know if I ever will – but I would like to hear from folks who have. What are the benefits?

As soon as I heard about David Weinberger’s book Everything is Miscellaneous I started seeing it mentioned everywhere on the Web. Needless to say, we will be ordering the book for our Information Center.

I’m also seeing a lot about LOLCATS. I’ve seen some of the mock-ups and they are funny. When you go to the LOLCAT site you get a message indicating “Not coming back, get over it.” LOLCATS are funny photos of cats with very funny, strangely worded captions. They are kind of addictive. Go to I Can Has Cheezburger? to see some LOLCATS.

Many people have already heard about It is a fun site and a nice icebreaker for groups. Check it out to see how many other people in the country have your name. Nothing tricky, just for fun!


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