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Carmen Agra Deedy

While attending the AASL Awards Luncheon at the ALA conference I had the pleasure of hearing a great storyteller. Carmen Agra Deedy told the story of receiving her first library card when she was eight years old and her family had moved from Cuba to Georgia. The story was funny and poignant and Carmen’s use of voices and gestures greatly enhanced the details. At the end of the story there was not a dry eye in the house!


ALA Conference Update

I am back from the ALA conference and I obviously did not blog. I feel bad about it (not that bad) but my hotel, as it turned out, did not have free wifi after all. I walked a couple blocks to the nearest Starbucks and it is apparently the one Starbucks in the world without wifi.

After I go through my notes and literature from the conference I will report on some interesting items. I will probably need a few days to get through everything but I will do it!

I will report that I really wanted to see Julie Andrews but the line was cut off before I got in. I watched the Julie Andrews Montage in the hallway but couldn’t sit that long on the cement floor to listen to the audio. I was very disappointed that there was not video feed for the hallway group. It seems to me that the conference center and ALA should be high tech enough to pull that off.

More soon!

Chillax – there are a lot of new words out there

I’ve mentioned before that I have a love of dictionaries and words. A couple years ago I heard chillax (chill and relax) and satisficing ( a blend of satisfying and sufficing). Some new words submitted to Merriam-Webster include catastrophize (making a catastrophe out of anything) and green collar (those who work in environmental jobs).  Check out to see a list of the top ten words not in the dictionary. It is a ginormous thrill!

iCue from NBC News

NBC News announced a website intended to supplement Advanced Placement high school courses according to the New York Times. The website is called iCue (pronounced I.Q.) and will be used to supplement American history, government and English AP courses. Well known news reporters will participate in presenting content which will also extensively include film and video archives.

Sorry for the break!

I haven’t been blogging much in the last couple of weeks because I’m getting ready for some new workshops I’m presenting this summer and fall, preparing for the annual fall conference of the Michigan Association for Media in Education of which I’m conference chair this year and looking into some changes for our Information Center. I also leave for the ALA conference in a week so I’m catching up on a lot of things in preparation for my time away from work. I will get back into it soon. I know I will have a lot to report from ALA or soon after the conference. Thank you for your patience.

Mr. Wizard

The L.A. Times reports that Don Herbert – Mr. Wizard of television fame – has passed away. Mr. Wizard was a popular tv presence in the 1950s and 1960s and had a resurgence of fame more recently on Nickelodeon.

Google, Inc. digitizing books from major universities reports that the Google book-scanning project will be digitizing select library collections from the Big Ten schools. The digitization project could include up to 10 million volumes to create a shared digital repository for students and faculty.

My book is now available!

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