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MAME Conference Registration Now Available

The MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education) 34 Conference will be held at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, October 24-26. The conference registration form and hotel information are now available on the conference wiki. You can also see the keynote speakers, sessions and preconference workshops on the wiki. Check it out and please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions on any of the wiki pages.


The Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary

The Merriam-Webster Open Dictionary is a very nice Web 2.0 resource. I like it because you can submit “new words” for the online version. It is very interesting to read the words submitted and usually a lot of fun. Enjoy a mocktail while reading it and don’t be a victimist! Read more about it on the Britannica Blog.

The Palm Foleo – Not a Laptop

The upcoming Palm Foleo is not called a laptop but is an accessory to be used with a mobile phone – the Palm Treo in particiular. It looks pretty slick and should be released this fall with a price around $600. To read a sneak peak review go to Foleo Fanatics.

Audio Books on Sunday Morning

I just watched Sunday Morning and there was a segment on audio books. Last year, 58 million audio books were sold. The focus was on Jim Dale the voice of the Harry Potter audio books. Interestingly, the “voices” of audio books make about $10,000 including Dale who has made several movies and won a Tony for portraying P.T. Barnum. I thought that the segment did a nice job demonstrating the popularity of audio books.

My bookmarks

I have added a link to my bookmarks on the bottom right corner of my blog. I hope to be better about adding to the lists but I have a good start on media center, technology, etc. topics. You can also use RSS to subscribe to my bookmarks.

Disney Releasing New CD Format

Disney is going to be releasing CDs in a new format in an attempt to compete with downloaded music reports the L.A. Times. Then new format will include enhanced multimedia features which will allow access to exclusive photos and videos of the artist via an electronic magazine. The first new CD will be  re-release of a Hilary Duff CD.   I don’t know if these are enough enticements to lure users away from online music. It doesn’t sound exciting enough to do so but you never know… Hilary is royalty to many younguns!

Woot Off Day!

Today Woot is having a Woot Off which means they will be putting items up for sale one after the other. As soon as one sells out a new item goes up on the site. If you have never seen a Woot Off check it out. It is fun to watch the flashing lights and even a bit exciting!

My book is now available!

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