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Internet Safety Bookmarks

The Illinois Library Association and MySpace have partnered to produce Internet safety bookmarks. The bookmarks can be downloaded but you can also purchase them in packs of 100 for $8 plus shipping and handling.

There are three bookmarks with different themes: Dealing with Cyberbullies – Tips for Kids, Safe Blogging – Tips for Teens and Social Networking – Tips for Parents.

I will be taking these bookmarks with me when I go to schools to present my “Web 2.0 for Parents” workshops in the fall.


Detour Starring Tom Neal

I was browsing iTunes and I thought I would look for a classic film noir movie that I haven’t seen on TV in years. It’s called Detour and it was released in 1945. The movie stars Tom Neal and it is sooooo film noir! Anyway, iTunes did not have it in their movie list so I put in a request. I will see what happens after a request goes in to iTunes. I would like to have it on my iPod especially since I hope to, someday, have Apple TV. I could buy the DVD but I have credits on iTunes so that’s my preferred way to buy a movie these days.

Back to School!

The new school year is about to start so I’m gearing up for some new endeavors at work. I work at an intermediate school district information center so part of my job is to provide database searches for school personnel in our county. However, I also present workshops and work closely with school library media specialists. This year I’m offering a new workshop to our K-12 schools starting in the fall: Web 2.0 for Parents. The school will make the arrangements for an evening workshop with me but they will market the workshop to the parents of their students.

I know that a lot of parents are hearing so much about the negative aspects of the Web so I want to present an unbiased viewpoint of Web 2.0 tools. I will define blogs, wikis, RSS and podcasts, tell them how they are used and how they can create them for their own use. I will give a few Internet safety tips and direct them to some websites for more safety resources but that is about as far as I want to go with that topic. Internet safety could obviously be an entire presentation but, again, I want to focus on the great Web 2.0 tools that are available and how they are used.

I don’t know how this will go but I’m looking forward to it. I really feel that parents of students need to know about these tools and that not every person using them is using them for evil. The more they know about them and use them the more they will understand what their kids are talking about.

Consider a Mac!

I was thumbing through the September, 2007, issue of Consumer Reports and came across an article on “Best Ways to Stay Safe Online.” Of the 19 suggestions I have to mention #7: “Consider a Mac.” You know I have to agree!!!

National School Boards Association Supports Social Networking

The National School Boards Association has made available a wonderful research report supporting social networking in schools. The report – Creating and Connecting – indicates that 9 to 17 year olds are spending as much time using social networking and the Web in general as they are watching tv. It is just plain great and very encouraging to have the NSBA look at social networking in a positive light and to recommend that schools look at the educational value of social networking, social networking policies and to realize that many of the non-conformist students use social networking in creative ways.

New Edition of Blogger & Podcaster Available

The August electronic edition of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine is available. Check this publication out if you haven’t already. It is not a K-12 focus but there is always something interesting to read in the magazine. You will, most likely, find some information helpful to you if you blog or podcast.

Visit to the Newly Renovated Apple Store

Last weekend I checked out the newly renovated Apple Store at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. I was anxious to finally see the iPhone and I wanted to inquire about Apple TV. The store looks much bigger now. It is longer than before (I think) and it looks like there are two Genius Bars or perhaps one with another counter across from it for classes, etc.  The iPhone is SO COOL!  I played with it for a while and it looks and works great. I also wanted some information on Apple TV. My first question was “Does it work with older tvs?” That’s a negatory folks. You need a wide screen HDTV. So, I will have to wait until I get said wide screen HDTV before I can consider Apple TV. Oh well, that’s a future big box technology gadget to acquire… some day!

My book is now available!

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