Back to School!

The new school year is about to start so I’m gearing up for some new endeavors at work. I work at an intermediate school district information center so part of my job is to provide database searches for school personnel in our county. However, I also present workshops and work closely with school library media specialists. This year I’m offering a new workshop to our K-12 schools starting in the fall: Web 2.0 for Parents. The school will make the arrangements for an evening workshop with me but they will market the workshop to the parents of their students.

I know that a lot of parents are hearing so much about the negative aspects of the Web so I want to present an unbiased viewpoint of Web 2.0 tools. I will define blogs, wikis, RSS and podcasts, tell them how they are used and how they can create them for their own use. I will give a few Internet safety tips and direct them to some websites for more safety resources but that is about as far as I want to go with that topic. Internet safety could obviously be an entire presentation but, again, I want to focus on the great Web 2.0 tools that are available and how they are used.

I don’t know how this will go but I’m looking forward to it. I really feel that parents of students need to know about these tools and that not every person using them is using them for evil. The more they know about them and use them the more they will understand what their kids are talking about.


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