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Technology I want (but that I don’t necessarily need)!

I have a couple of friends who use TiVo and it sounds like they love it. It’s one of those things that isn’t a necessity for me but I know I would like it. I have to think about that one. I covet the Wii. I’ve never even played with one but it looks like a lot of fun. I will have to try it out in a store to make sure I like it but it is a possibility down the road. A while back I looked into Apple TV but it won’t work on my aged TV. You have to have a modern, flat screen TV to use Apple TV. My TV is pretty nice so I can’t justify getting a new one. Perhaps I shall add a modern, flat screen TV to my technology wishlist! It’s dangerous for me to think about new technology gadgets!


What I’ve learned this week!

Zamzar – A free tool to let you convert YouTube videos into files.

Diigo – Sounds very cool – “highlight” parts of a website.

The Miniature Earth – An unusual video.

The Whole New Mind -A new Daniel Pink book. – A free online FLV converter.

Video Camera Fever!

After the last couple posts and comments I’m getting video camera fever! Kristin mentioned that the RCA Small Wonder has a tripod screw on the bottom which is desirable because the camera is small and lightweight. I went to the Flip Video website and it indicates that there is a tripod available for that camera as well. Maybe it is a new feature but it sounds like both video cameras have the tripod feature. If you know something different please comment and let me know.

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

The November online issue of Blogger & Podcaster magazine is now available.

Flip Video and Small Wonder!

Thank you to Kristin Fontichiaro for commenting on my last iPod post. I mentioned the Flip Video camera and Kristin mentioned another similar video camera called the RCA Small Wonder. The Small Wonder has an advantage in that it has a place to attach a mini-tripod. Thank you for the tip Kristin!

I was home sick yesterday so I was obligated to watch Oprah. She had a show about the best of YouTube which was very interesting, funny and poignant. At the end of the show Oprah taped the audience with a Flip Video camera and, of course, you know what’s coming next… everyone in the audience got one! So, before everyone runs out to buy the Oprah endorsed Flip you may want to compare and contrast the two.

Yet another new iPod!

I received my new 3rd generation silver iPod Nano (4GB) last week.  As with just about all of my iPods I didn’t purchase it outright. For this iPod I had to open a checking account at Key Bank and have money directly deposited before a certain date to receive an iPod. I set it up, opened the account, had money directly deposited and then waited. I was quite happy to receive the iPod so soon. I think they tried to get them out before the holidays. I haven’t tried it out just yet but it is amazingly small and compact. I thought the 2nd gen model was small but this one is even smaller and more of a square shape instead of the rectangular 2nd gen model. I like the look of the 2nd gen iPod very much. It is sleek and very light but it will be interesting to try out the new model. I think I will like the new iPod very much… and now I have to check out the Flip camera! I’m already starting to think to myself… must… have… Flip… camera!!!

School library media collaboration

The Michigan Association for Media in Education annual conference was held in Acme, Michigan, October 24-26. The theme for the conference was School Library 2.0: Curriculum Collaboration. To access and download several handouts posted by presenters go to the MAME wiki.  You will find materials on the Big6, Web 2.0 tools, search techniques, book talking, visual literacy, Moodle, collaboration and several other topics.

My book is now available!

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