Yet another new iPod!

I received my new 3rd generation silver iPod Nano (4GB) last week.  As with just about all of my iPods I didn’t purchase it outright. For this iPod I had to open a checking account at Key Bank and have money directly deposited before a certain date to receive an iPod. I set it up, opened the account, had money directly deposited and then waited. I was quite happy to receive the iPod so soon. I think they tried to get them out before the holidays. I haven’t tried it out just yet but it is amazingly small and compact. I thought the 2nd gen model was small but this one is even smaller and more of a square shape instead of the rectangular 2nd gen model. I like the look of the 2nd gen iPod very much. It is sleek and very light but it will be interesting to try out the new model. I think I will like the new iPod very much… and now I have to check out the Flip camera! I’m already starting to think to myself… must… have… Flip… camera!!!


2 Responses to “Yet another new iPod!”

  1. 1 Kristin Fontichiaro November 7, 2007 at 12:38 am

    Hi, Judy! I got a tip from a friend about the Flip and bought one — we loved it! But then we found out that the RCA Small Wonders are even better. There’s a mount for a tripod screw, which is important, because these camcorders are so lightweight that it’s easy to forget to hold them still. (With a traditional camcorder, we sometimes naturally braced our arm to help support the weight.) On a Small Wonder, the screen tilts forward if you want to tape yourself (good for videotaping classroom activities — you can see the shot when you have the camera mounted up high). There’s expandable memory. And … they tend to be a little bit cheaper — some folks have gotten them at hardware or drugstores with a sweet little rebate! Stop by and take one for a spin! We’re using them for our broadcast this year — kids love them! Teachers love them — just turn them on and press record!

  2. 2 Judy November 7, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Thank you for the information Kristin. I am putting up a new post with websites to these two products.

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