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I got some very nice Christmas gifts. My Dad gave me the TomTom One GPS. I love it! I tried it out today and it works great. I’m going to check out the website for other voices (you can choose John Cleese and others) but I like the male voice I have chosen so far.

I also got a great 1960s starburst clock from my sister. She had the old battery mechanism replaced with a new one so it works great. I can’t wait to get it up on the wall!



New Mobile Phone and Service

Today I switched my mobile phone service. I now have Sprint. I got the free Samsung flip phone that was available with our family service. I love the new phone and will learn more about it in the next couple of days as I play with it. It is lighter and slimmer than my old phone which, by the way, was lighter and slimmer than my previous phone. Anyway, I am looking forward to the new phone and new service and I may just have to download the theme song from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to use as a ring!

Last Chance for MAME Handouts!

The Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME) conference was held in October. You still have some time to go to the MAME conference wiki for presenter’s handouts and materials. Topics include:

• The Big6

• Web 2.0

• Teamwork

• Basic search techniques

• Booktalking

• Visual literacy

• Weeding

• Picture book art

• Media specialist/teacher collaboration

• Moodle

• Wikis

The wiki will probably change over to the 2008 conference by late January so get your materials while you can!

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine

The new edition of Blogger & Podcaster magazine is available online. To give you an idea of the content these are two of the articles in the issue:

“The 411 on Podcasting ”

“To Blog is to Write and to Write Better is to be a Better Blogger”

Flickr/Picnik Collaboration

As reported by Monkey Bites Flickr is now offering a free, online editing application. Flickr is collaborating with Picnik an online photo editing application that has been available for quite a while. This is worth checking out especially if you do not already own a commercial photo editing application. I used Picnik a couple of years ago to generate a photo of Fritz with a festive Christmas hat because, of course, there is no way in real life that he would let me put a festive Christmas hat on his head! The year I bought reindeer antlers and put them on Fritz he sat there with a gloomy look on this face and I know he was thinking, “You have got to be kidding!”

My gadgets are fighting back!

Last Thursday evening my left wrist stared to hurt. You know when you bend your arm or leg the wrong way when sitting or sleeping and it hurts for a few seconds but then goes away? Well this pain did not go away. I can feel the spot from where the pain emanates and it shoots up my thumb. I called my doctor’s office and she was able to see me this morning.  I have tendonitis. I have a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills and I bought a wrist band at lunch time. I have a feeling that it is from my Palm TX. I work and play on it during the evening if I’m watching tv or relaxing on the couch. I hold the TX in my left hand and if I put my hand in that position right now it really hurts. So, I think I was TKO-ed by a TX!

My book is now available!

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