iTunes problem

I have never had a problem using iTunes on my MacBook or my old iBook. All of a sudden I cannot access the iTunes store. I called Applecare and after an hour of re-installing this and downloading that I still couldn’t access the store. I had to end the call after an hour to get to an appointment so I called again a few days later. This time I talked to a product specialist and she did figure out that it seemed to be an Airport Express (router) problem. She wanted me to re-set the Airport Express and I couldn’t do it. I tried everything and could not get it to re-set. She suggested that I take it to an Apple store. I did and the Genius Bar guy got it to re-set. I took it home and still could not access the iTunes store. Mind you, I have had no problems using the Airport Express to wirelessly connect to the web so it is working fine. The Apple store guy said that it may be something in my MacBook. So, for now I’m just going to plug the cable from the modem directly into my MacBook when I want to buy from iTunes. It’s a pain but it works.


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