Technology is in the air!

  This is a gadget round-up post. I’ve heard some technology news of interest in the past few weeks and I want to pass on some observations. Apple has announced the MacBook Air. You may have seen the TV commercials – this extremely lightweight and thin laptop is taken out of a 10″ x 13″ envelope. Very nice! Apple has also announced that you can rent movies from iTunes. “Library Titles” are $2.99 and new releases are $3.99. You can download and play the movies on your iPod, iPhone or computer. You can also download directly from AppleTV. If anyone has AppleTV I would love to hear your comments about this service.

I use a Palm TX for my calendar, contacts, notes, dictionary, etc. Many people at my place of work use Palms daily like I do. Lately, two people have had Palm problems and I think it’s because their Palms are quite old and very well-used. I had to call the time of death on one of the Palms and that person is ordering a new one. The other problem was fixed by a simple soft re-set. Because of the surge in convergent device sales Palm has not produced a new “stand-alone” since the TX. I’m not ready to make the change to having the phone and handheld in one device. I like my small cell phone.

Over the holidays I switched from Cingular to Sprint. My family is now all-Sprint. My new phone is a Samsung flip phone with a red face. I am having great luck with the new service and I love the phone. I would like to download The Man From U.N.C.L.E. theme song to add to my phone as a ringer (I loved the show as a kid and even had a MFUNCLE attache’ case). I found out that if you buy the ringer from Sprint you pay for the bandwidth use every time it rings. You can buy the Internet service but it’s $15 per phone even if you are on a family plan. You can, however, add a song from a CD or iTunes and then you are not paying the Internet fees. The song is available on iTunes but I then have to figure out how to get it on my phone. I don’t think a data cable came with the phone but there must be one available for this use.


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