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New Blogger & Podcaster Magazine available

The new edition of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine is available. This is a free online magazine.


Oscar Update

The Academy Awards start in a few minutes and Regis Philbin already called Javier Bardem… Xavier Bardem! Yikes!

In honor of the Oscars a Spoiler alert: Moviepooper!

The Academy Awards will be on in about five minutes. I have to admit that I stay up every year and watch the show to the bitter end. In honor of the Oscars I present a website that I check out once in a while. It is called Moviepooper and this is the place to go to if you want a movie plot summed up in one sentence or a paragraph. In other words – go to this site for spoilers. In the old days I used to go to a lot of movies but now I see very few. The only Oscar nominated movie I’ve seen this year is There Will be Blood. Daniel Day-Lewis will surely win Best Actor but is was a downer! I went to Moviepooper to find out how a few new movies ended because I know I won’t get to the theater to see them on the big screen. Sometimes Moviepooper is just a hoot to read. Look up some of your favorite movies and read the summaries.

Free home inventory download

USAToday reports that there is a free home inventory application you can download to your PC or Mac. You can download Home Inventory at knowyourstuff.  This information comes from the article “Try these 7 geeky freebies from the Net.”

Schedule your next meeting with Doodle

doodle.jpg Our team at work uses a free Web 2.0 application called Doodle to schedule meetings. Someone goes to Doodle, sets up some dates and times and then a URL is created. The URL is sent to other team members and they can check the dates and times they are available to meet. It’s easy to use so try it out the next time you have to schedule an event with others.

Hey! It’s a Woot Off!

Woot is having the rare and exciting Woot Off! It’s happening right now as I write this post. Check it out because they always have some  technology gadgets for sale. Also, look on the page for the Woot theme song.  Woot is a hoot!

HarperCollins to offer free e-books

HarperCollins will offer free electronic editions of some books on their website beginning Monday according to the New York Times.  This will give readers a chance to sample the content as if they were flipping through pages at a bookstore.

Titles will be available for a month and will not be downloadable or printable. Two of the books available beginning Monday are:

The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

Mission: Cook! My Life, My Recipes and Making the Impossible Easy by Robert Irvine

My book is now available!

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