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Flickr and Creative Commons – A Great Partnership

If you need to find royalty-free photos check out the Flickr Creative Commons page. Photos can be searched under the six Creative Commons categories:

Attribution License
Attribution-NoDerivs License
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
Attribution-NonCommercial License
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
Attribution-ShareAlike License

Like the regular Flickr you will find a wealth of photos on your topic. This is a great resource and saves a lot of time searching the Web for free photos.


Things change

For the past five years I have facilitated a technology user’s group at my place of work. I originally called the group OSHUG – for Oakland Schools Handheld User’s Group – because the focus was on the many new Palm handhelds employees were using – and I haven’t changed it. Over the last two years the group has talked more about other personal technologies and not so much about Palms. The trend seems to be that many folks moved to convergent devices and, lets face it, Palm is no longer manufacturing stand alone PDAs. So we have talked about blogs, wikis, iPods, iTunes, etc. We even met during lunch to talk about some technology-related non-work topics like eBay. About a year ago I told the group that I had to disband because it was getting to be too much to get topics ready for the meetings. The group members were very kind about how they would miss the meetings and several asked me to continue. We actually have met a couple of times since then and I think I’m ready for another meeting in the fall when school starts up again and we are all back to work and ready for the new year. By then I will know how to use our soon-to-arrive Flip video camera, how to create screencasts and hopefully other new things. If you have anything new that is technology-related and that is something you can use for work or outside of work please leave it in a comment. I would love to share what others are doing. Thank you!

Long weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was sick last week and so, of course, this week has been my catching up time. I will post soon. Right now I’m gearing up for fall workshops. We have WordPress MU on our server at work and I will be offering educators training on blogging. Our Flip cameras haven’t arrived yet. I can’t wait to try one out. Have a great holiday weekend.

MAME Interactive

A new resource, MAME Interactive, is now available on the MAME website. MI is a resource for media specialists to go to for pertinent links to blogs, wikis, online courses and lesson plans. In the future we will be asking an occasional question on technology use in schools and the answers will be archived for reference.

Upcoming things

Our team at work will soon have two Flip digital video cameras. I’m anxious to try one out. I’ve never used video so I’m a newbie but these cameras are supposed to be easy to use. I’m also planning on taking a Camstudio workshop in June. Camstudio is an open source screencasting software. Apparently it does not work with Macs but I still want to learn about it because it must be similar to other screencasting software. I’m also planning fall workshops on WordPress. I use for this blog and we now have on our server at work. In anticipation of our district customers starting their own blogs on I want to offer workshops on blogging – how to create them, how to use the features and how to apply them to K-12 educational uses. As usual, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to at work. I love the variety in my job thanks to Web 2.0 tools!

It’s a Woot Off!

Woot is running a Woot off. If you haven’t experienced one yet you should check it out. Woot usually sells one item at a time per day and when that item is sold out they go to the next item. During the Woot Off they sell one item after the other. It’s worth it just to check out the flashing lights and to look for the Woot theme song.

Are you watching “30 Rock”?

If you are not watching 30 Rock you should start immediately! Not many shows make me laugh out loud but this one often gets to me. In one recent episode Tina Fey’s character was asked if she ever watched the news because she hadn’t heard about a breaking story. Her reply (with a very serious face): “The Food Network doesn’t have news.” This week she was walking in New York City at night and spotted a bunch of teenagers. She exclaimed out loud, “Oh, oh… youths!”

My book is now available!

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