More travel!

I returned from Wisconsin Sunday night and I will be in Dearborn, Michigan, Friday night and all day Saturday for MAME meetings. I will be attending the Women’s Show in Novi with my sister and niece this Sunday. We mainly hit the food samples. At past Women’s Shows I have seen many women leave with yard Santas and swanky mops. My procedure is to make sure that I don’t make eye contact with certain vendors – the ones who offer foot massages and then try to sell you comfy shoe inserts. I will only fall for that one once… like I did at an ALA conference. They got me! My sister makes fun of me because I don’t like to say “no thank you” to the women’s show vendors – I just want them to leave me alone! I have the same problem with the cart vendors in malls – no, I do not want a bedazzled cell phone cover or a custom made t-shirt or an attachable ponytail.

This post ended up having nothing to do with technology or libraries (except for the comfy shoe inserts). Sorry. I will do a better job the next time.


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