Things change

For the past five years I have facilitated a technology user’s group at my place of work. I originally called the group OSHUG – for Oakland Schools Handheld User’s Group – because the focus was on the many new Palm handhelds employees were using – and I haven’t changed it. Over the last two years the group has talked more about other personal technologies and not so much about Palms. The trend seems to be that many folks moved to convergent devices and, lets face it, Palm is no longer manufacturing stand alone PDAs. So we have talked about blogs, wikis, iPods, iTunes, etc. We even met during lunch to talk about some technology-related non-work topics like eBay. About a year ago I told the group that I had to disband because it was getting to be too much to get topics ready for the meetings. The group members were very kind about how they would miss the meetings and several asked me to continue. We actually have met a couple of times since then and I think I’m ready for another meeting in the fall when school starts up again and we are all back to work and ready for the new year. By then I will know how to use our soon-to-arrive Flip video camera, how to create screencasts and hopefully other new things. If you have anything new that is technology-related and that is something you can use for work or outside of work please leave it in a comment. I would love to share what others are doing. Thank you!


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