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Printer update

As soon as this storm ends I’m heading to Best Buy. I called and the Geek Squad geek told me that they would have to send in the printer and that’s $59. I can get a new printer for about $80. I’m going for it!

UPDATE: False alarm – I got the cartridges in. I think I was rushing before and just didn’t snap them in correctly. This saves me some money!


Broken printer

I just bought new cartridges for my HP Photosmart C3180 printer – the one that came with my MacBook. I have changed the cartridges many times but today something is wrong. I can’t get the cartridges to snap in. The black cartridge keeps getting ejected. I have to get this fixed or buy a new printer. This entire day has been one under the Murphy’s Law heading.

Firefox 3

Mozilla is now offering the free download of Firefox 3 for Mac OS X. I downloaded it yesterday and I have already noticed a few nice new features. Apparently there are hundreds of new features. Check it out.

New gadget purchase – portable external hard drive!

I decided that it was time to purchase a portable, external hard drive for my MacBook. I headed over to the conveniently located Best Buy and Kevin helped me out. I was about to purchase a 320 GB My Passport hard drive and Kevin told me that it would be overkill since I mostly have text files. So, I settled on a 160 GB My Passport Essential in a nice golden yellow. Of course, I had to buy the blue and yellow Case Logic case because I attended the University of Michigan so I’m ok with flaunting the colors!

Welcome to summer!

Hi everyone. A lot is happening right now so I have been blogging less lately. I’m working on a couple projects and at work I am gearing up to teach some new WordPress MU workshops in the fall. I will still be offering some Web 2.0 workshops but the WP MU workshops are new because we recently added it to our server and will be offering blog space to teachers in our districts.

The storms in Michigan are a pain. I lost power at my condo last Sunday and it was out for 26 hours and I know people at work who still don’t have power six days later. Fritz is really frightened by thunder and lightening so that’s rough too.

My book is now available!

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