I am on vacation this week and today I’m working on a project at a public library. I have an article due to be published in School Library Media Activities Monthly next February (due in Oct. and, yes, I know this is early).

Fritz watches my every move when I’m home during the day – how do dogs know when it’s a work day and when it’s a day off! So, to avoid taking him on walks every 30 minutes I came to a public library to work. Please – no comments on how I let my 14 year old, 17 pound dog drive me out of my house!!! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times – he has issues.

I came here on Monday too and I was told not to use my cell phone! I had it on vibrate when my sister called and talked briefly in what I thought was a quiet, “inside” voice but apparently not! I was, yet again, the bad example. I hope my contraband bottle of water and Reese’s Pieces are not discovered in my laptop bag. I’m not good at looking innocent because I already dropped one RP on the floor as I tried to nonchalantly pop it in my mouth. Dang, what next? My water bottle will explode and cause my expulsion for creating Niagara Falls!?


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