Busman’s Holiday!

I am at a local public library working on a project and it is very nice. I’m in my own enclosed room working on my laptop and using the free wifi. The person in the room next door was playing some cool music with a heavy beat but now I have iTunes on and I’m listening to some lounge music by Yma Sumac. I was concerned that it would be too hot because my own local library was too hot and humid for me to work in but this is very pleasant. There is a thermostat in the room and I cranked it all the way down but I don’t really know if I am controlling the air or not. Even if it is psychological it is working!

Friends, relatives and colleagues know that I have a thang about being too hot – I need cool air and I like to feel the air. Air conditioning is still one of the Wonders of the World to me! My Mom used to tell me that when I have company over for dinner to remember that when I feel “comfortable” that means that my guests are FREEZING!!! Back to work before I meet my sister for lunch.


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