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More on Palm Centro

I have had my Palm Centro smartphone since the end of last week and I love it. I was afraid that the screen would be too small for me when using the calendar, etc. It isn’t too small. I can also get the day, week and month at a glance views that I like. I color-code events so the month at a glance is very helpful.

When someone calls the prompt is clear with big answer, hangup and speakerphone buttons. I’ve already added some photos of family members. The 1.3 megapixel camera is pretty good and the camcorder isn’t bad either. I’ve taken some test videos of Fritz and they came out pretty well.

When I hot synced the first time everything went to my Centro. Even things I forgot I had that I must have deleted but were still in my applications on my computer. I will probably buy an expansion card to add songs and store photos and videos. So, final result for the Palm Centro: A+!


I’m ready for a smartphone

I’ve been using Palm handhelds for years. The few different models I’ve used have all been reliable, easy to use and very beneficial. While many people have gone to the converged device side I’ve stuck to the single devices. Well, I’m ready to switch! I am hoping to purchase a Palm Centro if it works out well. What I mean by that is that I work in an office with no windows. For the past five years since I’ve been in this location I have not been able to get reception on my cell phone. Then I switched to Sprint and my phone starting working in my office. So, if the Centro works in my office (my niece will test it because she has a Centro) I will be switching!

Vending Machine DVD Rentals at Kroger!

I was Krogering the other night and at checkout I noticed a vending machine for movie rentals. The sign indicated that the movies on DVDs cost $1.00 to rent. I took a quick look as I walked by because someone was actually renting a move and I didn’t want to hover. I did notice Iron Man, the Kitt Kittredge movie and Zohan. It seems like there were 8 or 10 pictures on the front of the maching for each movie. Anyway, I like this idea. I haven’t rented a movie in probably 5 years but for a dollar and the convenience of renting one at the Kroger checkout I just may give it a crack.

My book is now available!

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