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New Technology Purchase

No, I still haven’t purchased the Palm Pre although I’m pretty sure I will soon. My vacuum cleaner died last week and after much research I bought a new one tonight. I went with a Hoover. It may sound old school but it’s a hip, new model with a lifetime Hepa filter and a retractable cord. I tried it out in my hallway and the amount of dust, dirt and Fritz hair it picked up is embarrassing but gratifying. There will be some major cleaning going on this week!



Update… My book will be available September 30. I can’t believe it!… I will buy a Palm Pre next week. As long as it works in my windowless office it will be a keeper… Presenting a new workshop with a colleague Friday. Instructional technology/standards for principals. I hope we get a good crowd. We are one of three breakout sessions so we will see how it goes… Tonight I presented on databases and research for new teachers.

One minute videos on classic books!

USA Today reports that a young woman is going to record one-minute videos on classic books. The idea is that students will get a head start on the themes, symbols, etc. in classic books they read for school. She is hoping this will get them excited about the books and help them to better understand the content. Check out the article and see what you think.

Amazon Author Central

Now that my book (which won’t even be out until the end of the month) is on Amazon I was able to join Author Central. It is a web page where I can have a photo, short bio and forum discussion. I have a photo and short bio up right now. Check it out!

My book is now available!

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