Ode to Cataloging

It’s funny (even more funny to my library school friends) that I am now cataloging in our Information Center. I never thought I would be a cataloger but things happen and now I am one. It is very interesting because you really find out about your collection and get to know what is being added.  Recommending books is one thing but actually picking up that book and looking at it up close and personal is even better. It really is a “hands-on” experience.

Yes, I mostly “copy-catalog” from OCLC but I have had to create some records (or derive some records) and that’s when you have to put on your thinking cap to add content.

I am also a bit shocked that I now have the four volume set of DDC 21 on my desk. That set has been languishing on the shelf for years but now a work day doesn’t go by without cracking open a volume or two.

Believe me, I experienced some trepidation when I found out that I would be cataloging but after several months it is part of my daily work and I am learning from it and finding it rather fulfilling!  Cataloging is the first step in getting the items into the hands of our customers and that makes it even more important! Man, oh, man, I feel like I’m gushing. Make it stop!


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