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School Librarians… Again!

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Board of Directors has voted to re-name the title of media specialists… school librarians! I’m glad to hear it. Deja Vu all over again!


Gaming Alignment-AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Today I attended a presentation/demonstration of gaming and how it applies to K-12 education. I was given a two-page document of a gaming alignment for the 21st Century Learner Standards. The alignment was written by the member librarians of the School Library System of Genesee County BOCES and coordinated by Christopher Harris. We also had a chance to see games up close and personal. I finally got to see World of Warcraft and try out a Wii! I haven’t played tennis in years and it showed!

Kevin Henkes

I am in Madison, Wisconsin, for the AASL Region III Affiliate Meetings. I will be here through Sunday morning. Tonight a few of us met at the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, to hear author Kevin Henkes read from his new book Bird Lake Moon. This is Kevin’s 38th book and tonight was the official launch. Kevin read a lengthy excerpt from the book and it sounds like a poignant, beautiful story.

Heading for Wisconsin

I leave tomorrow morning for Madison, Wisconsin, and the AASL Region III Affiliate meeting. As the President of the Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME) I will be attending with our Past President to discuss school library media center issues. I probably won’t have a chance to do much blogging in the next few days but I will try for next week. I return Sunday night and on Monday I will be training educators in Detroit on databases kids can use in elementary and middle school.

Philadelphia Ho!

Tomorrow I head for Philadelphia to attend the ALA Midwinter conference. As the President of MAME (the Michigan Association for Media in Education) I am one of two MAME AASL Region III affiliates. I will be attending a couple of major meetings as an affiliate. I’ve never been to an ALA Midwinter conference before but I know that it is more meetings than sessions. There is also a huge vendor area and that is always interesting.

I will report on the conference when I return. I always have good intentions to blog while at a conference but it is hard to do because the days and evenings are so busy. So, by the end of next week I should be blogging again. Thanks for your patience.

PS A friend lent me guide book to Philadelphia and it indicated that you never call the city Philly unless you are from Philly. So, I’m going to Philadelphia!

On Vakay

I’m taking today, tomorrow and next Monday and Tuesday off to lengthen my July Fourth holiday. I’m probably the one person who doesn’t care much for fireworks. They scare Fritz so much that he is inconsolable. I went to a friend’s get-together last night and had to drop Fritz off at my Dad’s house so that he wouldn’t be home alone because there are so many fireworks in the area.

A few items on the ALA conference: I did get to the Exhibits to see Paula Poundstone. I bought her book while waiting in line and it only cost $10! Paula was quite late for the signing but she took her time with each person when she started signing books. I was surprised to see that she is so small. I always thought of her from TV as tall and rangy but she is much smaller that I expected. Also surprising- her hair is light and I’ve always seen her with dark hair on TV.

I got to hear Garrison Keillor’s ending keynote and he was good. I missed Julie Andrews because the auditorium filled up before I got in. It is fun to see some celebrities at the conference. I usually miss them for some reason or another but I’m glad I got to see a couple this year.

This conference was my first experience with the AASL Affiliate Assembly. It was interesting, productive and fun. What a good group! We accomplished a lot and that’s good.

I did get to see some exhibits between the meetings, sessions and speakers. I checked out the new III interface called Encore, talked to the Mitinet folks and picked up the Playaway catalog (and the very cool orange earbuds).

I heard about some helpful websites while at the conference and I will try to report on those sites asap.

Carmen Agra Deedy

While attending the AASL Awards Luncheon at the ALA conference I had the pleasure of hearing a great storyteller. Carmen Agra Deedy told the story of receiving her first library card when she was eight years old and her family had moved from Cuba to Georgia. The story was funny and poignant and Carmen’s use of voices and gestures greatly enhanced the details. At the end of the story there was not a dry eye in the house!

My book is now available!

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