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The MAME Conference

I am back from the MAME conference in Traverse City. I presented a session called “Web Jackpot: Free is Good.” About 30 people turned out for the session and they had good comments and suggestions about the tools and sites I presented.

I also presented a roundtable called “Search Engine Roundup.” It’s good for people to know that there are some unique search engines out there. I chose a good variety to get my point across.

Great conference as usual! Traverse City was dark and rainy but very autumnal looking with the yellows, oranges and greens in the trees.


Leaving for a conference soon

First of all, I’m sorry for the dearth of posts! My nephew was home for a two-week leave from the Army so my family kept pretty busy. I also have several workshops coming up and one is new for me so I’m working like mad on creating handouts.

I will be offering WordPress MU workshops for educators from our county public schools starting next month. We have WPMU on our server and since I’ve used for blog I was designated the trainer. So, I’m creating handouts and for my first two workshops I’m going to give registrants the handouts on a flash drive.  I got a great deal at MicroCenter. I will see how this works out. If I hand the flash drives out and people exclaim, “Hey, cool, a flash drive!” I will know it’s a good idea. If they say, “Oh great, another flash drive!” I will know to 86 the idea.

I leave Wednesday morning for Indianapolis for the K-12 Open Minds Conference. This is my first time at the conference and I’m pretty excited. We get to visit a school the first day to see students using open source software. The next two days are session days. I will report back!

More travel!

I returned from Wisconsin Sunday night and I will be in Dearborn, Michigan, Friday night and all day Saturday for MAME meetings. I will be attending the Women’s Show in Novi with my sister and niece this Sunday. We mainly hit the food samples. At past Women’s Shows I have seen many women leave with yard Santas and swanky mops. My procedure is to make sure that I don’t make eye contact with certain vendors – the ones who offer foot massages and then try to sell you comfy shoe inserts. I will only fall for that one once… like I did at an ALA conference. They got me! My sister makes fun of me because I don’t like to say “no thank you” to the women’s show vendors – I just want them to leave me alone! I have the same problem with the cart vendors in malls – no, I do not want a bedazzled cell phone cover or a custom made t-shirt or an attachable ponytail.

This post ended up having nothing to do with technology or libraries (except for the comfy shoe inserts). Sorry. I will do a better job the next time.

Presentations and workshops

I have been pretty busy with presentations and workshops in the last two weeks. I thought that you may be interested in what I’ve been presenting. The week before last I presented a one-hour professional development event for teaching staff at a middle school in one of the county school districts. The topic was the MeL (Michigan Electronic Library) databases – subjects and features, staff and student uses. The next day I presented a two and a half hour workshop on podcasting to middle school staff in another school district. Luckily, everything worked great – Audacity, Soundsnap and Switchpod.

Two weekends ago I presented a 50 minute session on “Web 2.0 for Educators and Students” at the Michigan Reading Association Conference at Cobo in Detroit. At this conference I was representing MAME – the Michigan Association for Media in Education which is the statewide association for school library media specialists. I am the 2008 President of MAME and a few of the MAME officers presented at the conference, in part, to communicate the role of the media specialists in schools.

Last Thursday I presented on Web 2.0 to a group of public librarians holding a meeting at the beautiful West Bloomfield Public Library. I really enjoyed this presentation and it was fun to present to my fellow librarians. They asked some great questions and I learned some new things myself because public librarians use some Web tools that are different than what is used in schools.

The attendees for all of these professional development events were interested and engaged. They asked good questions and many told me that they truly plan to use some of the Web 2.0 tools in their work.

School library media collaboration

The Michigan Association for Media in Education annual conference was held in Acme, Michigan, October 24-26. The theme for the conference was School Library 2.0: Curriculum Collaboration. To access and download several handouts posted by presenters go to the MAME wiki.  You will find materials on the Big6, Web 2.0 tools, search techniques, book talking, visual literacy, Moodle, collaboration and several other topics.

The MAME Conference is Getting Close!

I am getting more and more excited about the upcoming MAME conference, October 24-26. As President Elect of the Michigan Association for Media in Education I am the Chair of the annual conference this year. The conference will take place at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa in Acme, Michigan near Traverse City. Michigan in the fall rocks!

This is the annual conference for media specialists in our state. Our theme this year is “School Library 2.0: Curriculum Collaboration” so we would love to have teachers and administrators attend our conference. The sessions are always excellent and the keynote speakers Gary Hartzell and Marcia Mardis will be outstanding. We also have author Todd Strasser and others presenting.

New this year: we are giving away an iPod Shuffle at the end of the President’s Gala. On that evening we give out our awards and have an auction. We will also have a celebratory cake because what is a celebration without cake! Also new this year: MAME Vendor Scholarships. We have five scholarships that will pay for the registrations of some MAME members who are certified media specialists registered for the conference, are currently working in a school and who are paying their own expenses on the conference.

Please check out the conference wiki for all of the exciting highlights of the MAME 34 conference!

MAME Conference Registration Now Available

The MAME (Michigan Association for Media in Education) 34 Conference will be held at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, October 24-26. The conference registration form and hotel information are now available on the conference wiki. You can also see the keynote speakers, sessions and preconference workshops on the wiki. Check it out and please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions on any of the wiki pages.

My book is now available!

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