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My Summer

It has been too long since I posted on my blog. The summer zoomed by and the school year is about to start. Here is the news since the last time I posted: Since July 1 I am now the only staff member of the Information Center. It has gone amazingly well. I will get a part-time person for 10 or so hours a week starting next week. This will be a great help because I need someone to take care of the clerical work. The books and videos to be shelved are adding up fast. It has been interesting working more face-to-face with patrons in the Information Center. The past few weeks saw some frantic requests for videos for professional development. Of course, a few videos in particular have been perpetually checked out and have waiting lists. Quite a lot of books and videos checked out during the summer.  I’m adding new books to the collection a little at a time because I don’t have a huge book budget.

I took this past week off since I don’t know when I will be able to take time off again in the near future. Friday was a furlough day and with Labor Day coming up it made for a nice long vacay. Next week  will be a day short but jam-packed: a staff meeting Tuesday afternoon, an all day workshop I’m presenting with a colleague Thursday and a few meetings in between. I will bet that September will go by as fast as July and August!

Technology-wise I bought a new smart phone, the HTC Evo. I love this thing! I finally have a true smart phone and it is very wise! When I’m home watching tv I have to play games on it. I only have free games but my favorites are Darts, Clink and Word Drop. Action Potato is fun for a short time and I’ve just downloaded the beta version of Angry Birds and it is driving me crazy!  I’m on level 8 and I can’t beat it. Dang!


Happy Holidays!

I’m looking forward to two weeks off. December 18 is my last work day for the year. It has been BUSY at work! I’m finishing up the cataloging of math books that came over from our former math and science center and I’m planning some new professional development for next year. Maybe I will even get going on buying that Palm Pre over vakay.

Ode to Cataloging

It’s funny (even more funny to my library school friends) that I am now cataloging in our Information Center. I never thought I would be a cataloger but things happen and now I am one. It is very interesting because you really find out about your collection and get to know what is being added.  Recommending books is one thing but actually picking up that book and looking at it up close and personal is even better. It really is a “hands-on” experience.

Yes, I mostly “copy-catalog” from OCLC but I have had to create some records (or derive some records) and that’s when you have to put on your thinking cap to add content.

I am also a bit shocked that I now have the four volume set of DDC 21 on my desk. That set has been languishing on the shelf for years but now a work day doesn’t go by without cracking open a volume or two.

Believe me, I experienced some trepidation when I found out that I would be cataloging but after several months it is part of my daily work and I am learning from it and finding it rather fulfilling!  Cataloging is the first step in getting the items into the hands of our customers and that makes it even more important! Man, oh, man, I feel like I’m gushing. Make it stop!

MAME on Facebook


I am the Past President of MAME – The Michigan Association for Media in Education. MAME is the statewide association for media specialists in Michigan. Well, I’m really enjoying Facebook and the chance to network with friends and colleagues so I created a Facebook page for MAME. Whether you are a MAME member, the parent of a K-12 student or anyone interested in media centers please feel free to join our network.

School Library Media Activities Monthly Article

My article “Be the Web ‘Go-To’ Person for Parents!” just came out today in the February issue of School Library Media Activities Monthly. In it I write about how media specialists need to learn Web tools and provide some workshops for parents so that parents become more comfortable with the Web and also see that the media specialist is a good point person for help with these tools.

Busman’s Holiday at the Bloomfield Township Public Library

I am working at the beautiful Bloomfield Township Public Library on a project and it is bustling here! It is so satisfying to see a public library chock full of people using all kinds of resources on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve also been here on a Saturday and as it nears closing time I see a lot of people checking out DVDs for the evening. I was using a private study room but I was asked to leave if I had been there for my allotted two hours (I had). As I walked out the door of the room a woman was waiting with a student for a tutoring session. I moved to the business section to work at one of the nice big tables which is where I am now tapping away on my laptop and listening to Quicksilver Messenger’s “Fresh Air” on iTunes (yes, I have a “Rock” playlist). I’ve been here for nearly 4 hours and the time has gone by fast and it is enjoyable to be in such an inspiring and comfortable environment.

Article in the MACUL Journal

I was asked by the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) to write an article on the Michigan School Library Initiative Group for their Winter 08/09 journal. I just received two complimentary copies so the article is out. In the article I talk about how it all started through Nancy Robertson the Librarian of Michigan and how it evolved into the final product-a video on media centers and the 21st century skills. I’m not sure when MACUL puts the journals on their website but I will keep you posted.

My book is now available!

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