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A “good” cell phone number!

I was in a Sprint store last week because some apps were not successfully installing on my Evo. The young Sprint guy asked if I had tried pulling the battery and I had. He looked something up on the computer and then asked if I had tried pulling the battery and the SD disk and then powering down the Evo. I had not. This worked!

The interesting thing about being at the Sprint store – besides the fact that I can, once again, play Angry Birds thanks to the fix on my Evo – is that when asked my cell phone number both the Sprint guy and young guy #2 who was a customer waiting for a phone repair both responded that it was a really good number. I agreed and indicated that I hoped to have it forever.

I got a kick when two young guys into technology got geeked out over a good string of numbers. I can relate but it was still kind of funny.


Michigan Bookstores Participating in Google Ebooks!

The following Michigan bookstores are selling ebooks through Google Ebooks:
Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co Mason, MI
Brilliant Books Suttons Bay, MI
McLean & Eakin Booksellers Petoskey, MI
Saturn Booksellers Gaylord, MI Grand Rapids, MI

This is exciting news for indie bookstores. They may now sell books in different formats to their customers and won’t miss out on the ebook sales.

E-Reader Comparison Chart

I created an e-reader comparison chart to help people when e-reader shopping. There are many features to consider but you may want a device with few bells and whistles. My disclaimer is on the chart so please remember to check with a salesperson when purchasing any e-reader in case my information is incorrect or has changed.

A QR Code in the Wild!

My family and I had Thanksgiving dinner in Frankenmuth, MI. It was a very nice day and a lot of people had the same idea. Plus no grocery shopping, baking or cooking. While in Frankenmuth I saw a sign with a huge QR code on it in front of the tourism office. I scanned it and it give the town URL. Pretty nice Frankenmuth! 

Moshi Voice Control Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit

I just read about the Moshi Voice Control Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit over on the Gadgeteer blog. It is $79.99 and sounds like a great alternative to a device for your ear. If you don’t have built in Bluetooth in your car check it out.

Farewell Bloglines!

I just saw the message that Bloglines is officially shutting down October 1. I have used this RSS newsreader for a very long time because it is easy to use. Even in my technology workshops I have always used Bloglines as my RSS newsreader example. It will be sorely missed!

Librarians and Technology

Last week I attended the American Library Association annual conference in Washington D.C. Let me get my weather complaint out of the way now… it was too hot and humid. I melted each day. Ok, back to the conference. I was so happy to see more technology being used and sold. I predict the QR codes will get more and more popular even though they have been around for a while. They are so very cool and with all of the smartphones out there people will be using them to convey and receive information. Of course, apps were mentioned all over the place. Besides the obvious e-book reader apps there are other mobile library apps coming down the road. The ALA also offered their great Ambassador service in which you could TM an “ambassador” with a question about the conference and then receive a TM back with the answer. Anything from “where is such in such session being held?” to “what time does Amy Sedaris speak?” A great, rejuvenating conference.

My book is now available!

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