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Farewell Bloglines!

I just saw the message that Bloglines is officially shutting down October 1. I have used this RSS newsreader for a very long time because it is easy to use. Even in my technology workshops I have always used Bloglines as my RSS newsreader example. It will be sorely missed!



Readability is a tool that lets you read articles online without the ads and clutter. Simply set up your parameters like font size and drag the icon to your toolbar. When you are reading an article on the Web (not a website but an article) click the Readability icon and, voila, a clean page to read.


A colleague told me about a cool website called Senduit. If you want to share large files that get clipped by organizational email systems, just upload them to this site, set an expiration date, and forward the link provided to your audience.

Presentation Materials Now Available!

If you would like to peruse conference presentation materials from the MAME 36 conference held last month in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, please check them out at the MAME website. You will see quite a few PDFs and PPTs from our presenters. More will be added as they are received. Keep checking!

The MAME Conference

I am back from the MAME conference in Traverse City. I presented a session called “Web Jackpot: Free is Good.” About 30 people turned out for the session and they had good comments and suggestions about the tools and sites I presented.

I also presented a roundtable called “Search Engine Roundup.” It’s good for people to know that there are some unique search engines out there. I chose a good variety to get my point across.

Great conference as usual! Traverse City was dark and rainy but very autumnal looking with the yellows, oranges and greens in the trees.

A Web 2.0 Week!

Yesterday I presented a blog workshop (WordPress MU) and tomorrow I am presenting podcasting in a district. Last week I presented a half day Introduction to Web 2.0 to media specialists. I love it when attendees find a tool that they can apply to their classroom or media center.

School Library Media Activities Monthly Article

My article “Be the Web ‘Go-To’ Person for Parents!” just came out today in the February issue of School Library Media Activities Monthly. In it I write about how media specialists need to learn Web tools and provide some workshops for parents so that parents become more comfortable with the Web and also see that the media specialist is a good point person for help with these tools.

My book is now available!

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