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I have the HTC Evo and I lurve it!

I finally got the HTC Evo 4G on Sunday. I went to a Sprint store and they were out and told me that the other two Sprint stores in the area were out. I went to the non-company Sprint store in Rochester and they had two left. I slapped some money down so that they would hold one for a day. Officially, I can upgrade my phone in August but I was told that sometimes Sprint allows you to upgrade on the 18th of the month prior. My guy was good because he did sweet-talk Sprint so that I could get my phone on the 18th. And, to boot, I was the only customer in the store at 12:30 on a Sunday so I had his undivided attention. After a call, money changing hands, a data transfer and a few quick lessons I was on my way.

I went to Bravo for lunch and my eggplant parmesan got cold while I played with the Evo. The apps are abundant and I’ve only added freebies so far. The email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. all work fast and easy-peasy.

The voice search is f-u-n! I had to turn the music down on my computer to get a spelling in FreeDictionary but then it worked beautifully. I’ve tested the voice memo too.

Love, Love, LURVE all of it! I may go into a real tizzy when we get 4G in the area!


Librarians and Technology

Last week I attended the American Library Association annual conference in Washington D.C. Let me get my weather complaint out of the way now… it was too hot and humid. I melted each day. Ok, back to the conference. I was so happy to see more technology being used and sold. I predict the QR codes will get more and more popular even though they have been around for a while. They are so very cool and with all of the smartphones out there people will be using them to convey and receive information. Of course, apps were mentioned all over the place. Besides the obvious e-book reader apps there are other mobile library apps coming down the road. The ALA also offered their great Ambassador service in which you could TM an “ambassador” with a question about the conference and then receive a TM back with the answer. Anything from “where is such in such session being held?” to “what time does Amy Sedaris speak?” A great, rejuvenating conference.

Michigan Center for the Book

From the Michigan Center for the Book:

The MIchigan Center for the Book has published a new Michigan book list, Take a Reading Road Trip to Michigan! The list is a selection of Michigan related children’s books. Each summer, we create a new brochure that focuses on some aspect of Michigan literature for use at the National Book Festival and for libraries in Michigan to use. You can find the new brochure at <>  in the Michigan Book Lists section or directly at “


I am hoping to upgrade to the HTC EVO in July. Apparently I can upgrade on July 18 but that is a Sunday. If the store if not open that day I will have to go on Monday the 19th! I am so anxious to get this phone. It seems to do everything!!!

Newsweek for Sale?

Check out this Washington Post article. It looks like Newsweek magazine is up for sale. The magazine has been published since 1933.

Researching new cell phones

I currently use a Palm Centro as my cell phone and I really like it. As a long time Mac user I was hoping to get an iPhone but too many barriers are preventing that from happening. The big two are that I’m on Sprint with my family and Sprint works in my windowless office at MPOW. Those are two good reasons.

I will be able to upgrade my phone in August and I’ve had my mind set on the Palm Pre ever since it was released. Now I’m thinking of going another way. My sister was at a Sprint store to check on when I can upgrade. When she told the rep I was interested in the Pre he suggested that I wait until summer to get the HTC Evo 4G. So, the research began!

I started reading reviews and the Evo is a monster… and I mean that in a good way! The tech sites lucky enough to preview the phone L-O-V-E it!

The Evo has two cameras – one in the front and one in the back, video, touch screen, larger footprint than the iPhone, etc., etc., etc.

I am SO hoping that the Evo is as great in person as it is in the short video previews I’ve seen on the Web. I will be able to see one in a Sprint store in mid-June and then August won’t get here soon enough!!!

Sony Reader Pocket Edition

I now have a Sony Reader Pocket Edition. This is the reader that is about the size of a paperback book. It is the silver model and it came with a neoprene pouch. I have downloaded two books from the eReader store. This is a very easy way to buy books. It works exactly like iTunes. So far, so good!

My book is now available!

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