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Farewell Bloglines!

I just saw the message that Bloglines is officially shutting down October 1. I have used this RSS newsreader for a very long time because it is easy to use. Even in my technology workshops I have always used Bloglines as my RSS newsreader example. It will be sorely missed!


Bloglines is down today!

I was conducting a WordPress blog workshop this morning and when I got to the place where I wanted registrants to get a Bloglines accounts there was some trouble. People were getting error messages and nothing happened. I just checked and Bloglines is definitely down (although they do have a very pretty screen with the message that they are closed on it)! Murphy’s Law – just when I wanted everyone to see how easy and great Bloglines is to use it’s down. Darn!

They all said that they would try to register for an account again from home so I hope they do because it is a great newsreader.

Bloglines Down!

I knew something was up with my Bloglines account when I had 200 feeds for several sites. When I clicked on the sites they were old feeds to boot. Then I tried to get in and the sites wouldn’t load. Now you get the “Bloglines is down temporarily” message. At least it is lively and colorful!


I have to mention Bloglines again. I use it to subscribe to my feeds and I can’t say enough about it. Bloglines is easy to use and accessible from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. This is the RSS newsreader that I recommend in my workshops so if you haven’t started using a newsreader check out Bloglines.

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