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Michigan Bookstores Participating in Google Ebooks!

The following Michigan bookstores are selling ebooks through Google Ebooks:
Bestsellers Books & Coffee Co Mason, MI
Brilliant Books Suttons Bay, MI
McLean & Eakin Booksellers Petoskey, MI
Saturn Booksellers Gaylord, MI Grand Rapids, MI

This is exciting news for indie bookstores. They may now sell books in different formats to their customers and won’t miss out on the ebook sales.


Presentation Materials Now Available!

If you would like to peruse conference presentation materials from the MAME 36 conference held last month in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, please check them out at the MAME website. You will see quite a few PDFs and PPTs from our presenters. More will be added as they are received. Keep checking!

Happy New Year!

My new year started out this way – I was home on New Years Eve with a very sick thirteen and a half year old dog. Fritz was very sick so I stayed home with him and was not able to go to dinner with friends and family. His eyes were slits and he shook and cried out when he moved. I had to carry him to the door to let him go outside. He wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t or couldn’t put his head down. I decided that I would take him to the emergency vet clinic today if he was still that bad but he is better. He slept through the night and today he was able to jump on and off furniture, eat a couple of dog biscuits, bark at the men plowing at my condo, follow me around the condo (a job he takes pretty seriously) and sleep. He still cries out when I try to pick him up and sometimes when he moves while sleeping but he is still much better than last night.

We also had the huge snow storm here in Michigan that you heard about on the news. But, it gets better! Tomorrow I go back to work… on my birthday! Happy new year!!!

My book is now available!

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