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School Library Media Activities Monthly Article

My article “Be the Web ‘Go-To’ Person for Parents!” just came out today in the February issue of School Library Media Activities Monthly. In it I write about how media specialists need to learn Web tools and provide some workshops for parents so that parents become more comfortable with the Web and also see that the media specialist is a good point person for help with these tools.


Gadgety Info in the News

Have you heard about the brand spanking-new Palm Pre? It looks great in the photos and videos I’ve seen. Works a lot like an iPhone. I love the features. It will be available through Sprint only (take that iPhone!).

Apple has a new MacBook Pro available. I have read some good things about it but like the Pre I haven’t seen it in person.

Picasa, the photo manipulation software, is now available for the Mac. It sounds like it works the same as iPhoto but has a few extra features.

That’s it for now. More snow coming to my neck of the woods!

I read about a fun website on Friedbeef’s Tech. The site is called and it lets you convert anything into units that you will understand. For example, I entered “900 square feet” and the results were:

6.1 parking spaces.
1.4 cricket strips.
1.3 squash courts (area).
1 badminton courts.

These results make me think that the site was created by someone in England! They do, however,  give you a good sense of the size of items or amounts or areas.

My book is now available!

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